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MULUSA (Miss Universe Latina USA) was created in the summer of 2001 in our National Capital Washington DC, due to lack of LGBTQ+ Latino representation in the USA beauty pageants systems. Knowing these necessities, a small group of young individuals decided to organize and produce the first and most prestigious Beauty Pageantry System for our LGBTQ+ Latinos in the USA. Since 2001 is being celebrated for over 20 years on Columbus Day weekend.    

MULUSA is more than beauty pageant, MULUSA is what we call “Beauty with a Purpose”, because our Mission is to serve our community through, volunteer work with local organizations, fundraising, and activism within the community generally; to become a more celebrated community, recognized, and with more opportunities for all in and out of this country.  Our MULUSA Court (winners) and Formers (prior winners), works together, serving and giving visibility to our community and on keeping our Mission.   


For more than 20 years MULUSA it has been giving back its profit entirely to the community supporting different nonprofit organizations and programs that focus on aiding the LGBTQ+ Latino community.  


Currently, our system has created MULUSA The Rainbow Visibility Platform, a nonprofit organization that will continue with the contribution and support that the system has been giving for the last two decades to our LGBTQ+ PEOPLE.  

MULUSA The Rainbow Visibility Platform transled platform has been created to directly offer support and services such Education, Mentorship, Legal Aid, and Mental Health advice to our youth LGBTQ+ senior member equally.  


We believe that Transgender and gender nonconforming people hold the power to transform society and that only the people who suffer through the turmoil know to lead the struggle and to survive it that is why our work is led and executed for and by Trans and gender- nonconforming people, from media production to workshops, events, and all-around programs.  



In an unconventional way, promote Healthy lifestyle habits through Art and Culture, create safe spaces for mentoring and counseling, provide educational materials and resources in Social Medias, Clubs Bars or Events identify for LBGTQ+ Community about our mentioned topics. 


To provide Education and Resources to the LGBTQ+ Community on topics such as HIV Treatments & Prevention, Substance Abuse, Mental Health and others. Empowering the LGBTQ+ Community by creating new opportunities for the development and entrepreneurship of diverse talents that highlight the values and contribution of our community to society. 

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