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Awareness Campaigns

We have our monthly informative visual campaign focusing on important items that concern our community, things from celebrating World Aids Day to drug abuse, new medication available, HRT, etc. We educate and promote healthy habits for life longevity.


Each Awareness Campaign is produced by our own people, from the models to photographers, editors and anyone else we hired are real people from our own community. 


Mentoring Program

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Together is our annual mentoring program specially dedicated to 5 young transgender individuals in various transitioning stages. Marilyn Sulay, Lidia Villabella and others succesful transgender members of our community mentor participants following a structured program,  with a one - to - one relationship with the goal of  a succesful transition, sharing experience and focusing on building skills for future life goals and milestones.



Our 6 courses directed by qualified professionals to learn together in community:

  • Online Marketing 

  • Business Management 

  • Web Design 

  • Graphic Design 

  • Photography 

  • Online Business

Every course is a 40h in person / groups of 5 to 10 divided in 10 days.

Image by Campaign Creators


Image by Kenny Eliason

We offer a monthly Online Workshop delivered by professionals in mental health, psichology, sociology and others, to deal with issues such as bullying, depression, identity crisis, self - esteem, among several other issues our community faces. We cover many interesting topics such as eating disorders, the single life, HIV+ mixed couples, aging as an LGBTQ+ member and more. 45 minutes every month that can change and save lives in so many ways.

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