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Health & Legal Assistance


In Partnership with prestigious Clinic WittmanWalker and Nova Salud and Legal Firms we will launch a Hot Call Line and First Contact Service to assist our Latin LGBTQ+ addressing them to Clinics, physicians and  lawyers.


We aim to provide testing to those that are out of reach or do not have the means to come out to the clinics or spaces available for testing. By doing this, we ensure that everyone gets the same opportunity for testing and other health-related support. This project contributes to our overall mission by offering prevention, education, and awareness of the HIV, COVID19, and STD epidemic among our LGBTQ+ community.

Our project is titled "Testing On-The-Go" for the fact that we want to bring our mobile camper to those areas that have a difficult accessibility and to events where LGBTQ+ population meet to provide HIV, COVID, and STD, testing/counseling. Our goal is to reach the 3% of the LGBTQ+ population in those remote counties and 0.25% of the general population.  We want to focus on LGBTQ+ youth of color (this includes Latinx and Black). Also, we would like to reach the senior LGBTQ+ population that is constantly forgotten. In total, we want to reach 770 individuals.

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