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Leadership Team

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CEO The Rainbow Visibility
  • ORIGIN: Cuba

  • LOCATED: North Virginia

  • PRONOUNS: He/his

  • LANGUAGES: English and spanish

Profession: CEO and Founder of Sparkle Cleaning and Beauty Corp. 


Preparation and Education: Bachelor of Business Administration, Fundamental HIV prevention and counseling Certification, Treatment as Prevention Certification, outreach  manager for Latino services at the Whitman Walker Health Clinic 


Others: President of the company Miss Universo Latina USA (Beauty System), Creator  of the Beauty with Purpose platform. He has characterized himself as an activist in the  LBGTQ community. Creator of programs and aid for the Latino community. 

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President The Rainbow Visibility
  • ORIGIN: Panamá

  • LOCATED: North Virginia

  • PRONOUNS: He/his

  • LANGUAGES: English and spanish

Profession: Fashion designer event planner 


Preparation and Education: Associate Degree in Business Administration, 


Others: Creator and founder of the company Miss Universo Latina USA (Beauty  System), Creator of the Beauty with Purpose platform. He belonged to the outreach  group of the People's Clinic in Washington DC and worked as a volunteer for animal  shelters and a faithful defender of the rights and care of animals. 



  • Miss Hispanic 1999 

  • Miss Venezuela 1999 

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Executive Director The Rainbow Visibility
  • ORIGIN: New York

  • LOCATED: Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • PRONOUNS: He/his

  • LANGUAGES: English and spanish

Profession: Nurse/Flight Attendant 


Preparation/Education: Associate Degree in Project Management Bachelor of  Nursing Certification in Crisis Management and Mental Health 


Others:  Visionary and Human Rights activists. Creator of the projects “Fuck Cancer”, “Survivors” & “No estas Solxs”



  • MR Unlimited Cub 2017

  • MR Universo Latino USA Classic 2019

  • MR Mundo Latino USA 2022

Director of Education and Health Programs
The Rainbow Visibility
  • ORIGIN: Puerto Rico

  • LOCATED: Miami Florida

  • PRONOUNS: She/her

  • LANGUAGES: English and spanish

Profession: HIV / STD Program Supervisor


Preparation/Education:  Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Industrial Management. 


Others:  Teacher, Fashion Designer, Professional Makeup Artist, "Entertainer" and  activist for more than 25 years



  • Miss universo Latina USA 2021

  • Miss Continental Elite 2018

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Mental Health Programs Director
The Rainbow Visibility
  • ORIGIN: Colombia

  • LOCATED: Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • PRONOUNS: He / his

  • LANGUAGES: English and spanish

Profession: HIV counseling supervisor for the LBGTQ+ community 


Preparation and Education:  Master's Degree in Psychology and Counseling.  Currently a PHD student at Barry University 

Others:   Activist on the Mental Health rights and needs of the LBGTQ+ community.  Creator of Programs and Workshops aimed at the LBGTQ+ community and the  community in general. 

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Outreach Director
The Rainbow Visibility
  • ORIGIN: Margarita, Venezuela

  • LOCATED: Jacksonville, FL

  • PRONOUNS: She / her

  • LANGUAGES: English and spanish

Profession: Hair & Makeup Artist


Preparation/Education: Senior Technician in Foreign Trade, Bachelor of Science


Others: Cast in Hamburger Mary's Jacksonville. Activist 


Chiqui Lorenk has been characterized by being in charge of the arrangement of Queens & Kings during their National competitions: 


All America Goddess at Large Julitza Alice, All America Goddess Alexis Mateo, All America Goddess MR José Vega & Jeffry Kelly, MR Continental Ramon Ventura, Miss Entertainer of the Year (EOY) Sunny D’ Lite & Brittany More, MR Entertainer of the Year (EOY) Rollo Villa Verde, MR Universo Latino USA Xtian Saint Cartier, Kelvin Buznego & Cotto X, Miss Universo Latina USA Plus Gucci Michaels & Zaira Houston. Miss Universo Latina USA Yeisa Jovovich.

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-30 at 14.24.29 (1).jpeg
  • PRONOUNS: He / his

  • LANGUAGES: English and spanish

Legal Practice Areas: Immigration: Family Immigration, Removal Defense before  Immigration Courts, Consular Processing, Waivers, Legal Permanent Residence, and  Naturalization and Citizenship 


Education: Juris Doctor - Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, School of Law,  cum laude, 2018 Admitted to the legal profession - 2019 LL.M. Master of Laws in  Immigration and Naturalization– Texas Southern University, School of Law, Cum Laude,  2022 


Others: Juan F. Rosa-Rosado, is a native of Caguas, Puerto Rico. He attended and  graduated from the Universidad Pontificia Universidad Católica where he obtained his  Juris Doctor with honorary distinction Cum Laude. While doing his Juris Doctor, Juan  participated in internships in Spain where he studied comparative law between both  countries; He also served as Legal Officer before the Family Court in Puerto Rico. While  in his last year of law school, he completed an internship at the Puerto Rico Legal  Assistance Society, where he worked in the Criminal Defense Division. In 2019 he was  admitted to the legal profession and from there he has worked representing clients in  various contentious and non-contentious matters. In 2021 Juan Rosa-Rosado received  his post-graduate LL.M. specialized in United States Immigration Law. Currently, Juan  Rosa-Rosado represents clients in multiple States of the American Nation in immigration  matters, both in the Immigration Courts (EOIR), before the United States Department  of Naturalization and Immigration (USCIS) and matters with the United States Border Patrol (CBP). 


Rosa Rosado & Caballero Immigration Group LLC, of ​​which he is a partner-owner, also carries out processes of Investment Visas, Residence through labor Petitions, family petitions, asylum before the Court and USCIS, among other processes.

MULUSA Ambassadors

Mulusa Ambassadors are volunteers who are actively involved within the LBGTQ community and who will serve as a liaison between the community and our organization The Rainbow Visibility.

The main function of the Ambassador is to be

  • The voice and ears of our community

  • To help identify realistic needs within the community

  • Provide and assist in the implementation of projects within the community

  • Be a spokesperson for the organization

  • Other

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  • ORIGIN: Puerto Rico 

  • LOCATED: Chicago

  • PRONOUNS: He/his

  • LANGUAGES: English and spanish

WhatsApp Image 2023-07-30 at 14.24.26 (1).jpeg
  • ORIGIN: Venezuela

  • LOCATED: Florida

  • PRONOUNS: He/his

  • LANGUAGES: English and spanish

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-15 at 13.38.41.jpeg
  • ORIGIN: Puerto Rico

  • LOCATED: New York

  • PRONOUNS: She/her

  • LANGUAGES: English and spanish

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-23 at 13.44.31.jpeg
  • ORIGIN: Puerto Rico

  • LOCATED: Puerto Rico

  • PRONOUNS: She/her

  • LANGUAGES: English and spanish


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